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Medical Tourism Accelerator

RA Hamilton & Associates Inc is preparing to kick off a large fundraiser for the Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation and its International humanitarian partners.

The Hamiltons, and now a few others have been working for the last five years on a part-time basis to create a fundraising concept that not only will raise a great deal of funding for altruistic purposes, but also will be instrumental in creating a For-Profit Global Entrepreneurial Business Community. Currently, it is referred to as The Way.

The accompanying website is the preliminary draft of the recruiting literature to be used to invite industry, educational, entrepreneurial, and humanitarian leaders to the table. The intent is to not only retain personal freedoms, but obtain economies of scale and significant buying and lobbying power through the amassing of a global entrepreneurial association. A business structure formulated on standard business practices, that encourages it Members to live in this world more consciously. An organization where Members put their money where their mouth is by providing a $2000+ bond (US) that is accrued through a formula applied initially against part or spare-time contracts utilizing each entrepreneur's particular expertise. This Bond is attended by a written and signed Oath pledged by all Members to practice ethical, transparent, and sustainable business procedures. 

Pre-Covid, this was a somewhat incomprehensible concept, while Post-Covid it has become the mantra of those that truly want to be successful in the new world. They want to do business with others who operate with integrity.

We also are seeking like-minded Entrepreneurs to pass the word that this organization is not unique and there are undoubtedly others in one format or another who are similarly working towards creating other amazing new pieces of the Shared Social Economy in a manner that encourages the evolution of a more simplistic, humanistic approach to life and earning a living.

We are currently unveiling the first phase, which is the creation of an International Accelerator or small business incubator founded on ethical and humanitarian principles. A hierarchal mentorship structure designed to have business helping business as it delivers the kind of productive, and economic stability for which the 1st World use to be known. A system that encourages entrepreneurs, large and small businesses, investors, headhunters, and mentors to collaborate in a human ecosystem that incentivizes success for all. While this concept applies to any industry, in its first incarnation it has been developed on a Medical Tourism platform called MediTours. This is to facilitate the expansion of such a Cooperative worldwide. 

As The Way is predominantly a marketing platform, Members will also have access to a moderated, multi-faceted Q&A forums, as well as a broad assortment of discounted business services including accounting, legal, merchant fees, and insurance. A selection of business services is to be made available at a discount in addition to travel and affordable healthcare opportunities both locally and internationally.

As a fundraiser, it will provide a tax receipt from Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation (SB) or one of its International Partners by having 1% added to every contract performed through the organization. As a funding body, the Sugar Bird Charitable Society was incorporated and obtained status in 2006 and has been providing volunteers and funding to establishments that come under their mandate of poverty or health, as it has assisted local, national and international communities for over 16 years.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead. …What could a large group accomplish?

Habitat for Humanity and Shinah House Foundation

Norah and Bob have funded building homes in India, Thailand, Argentina and Mexico. Norah continually preaches the most important pillars of mental wellness are, having a stable home, being involved in the community and staying physically fit. For this reason, Sugar Bird chooses to support organizations like Habitat for humanity, Hope for Nations and Hope House. 

Habitat for Humanity:
HFH collects Volunteers, Homeowners, individuals and corporations to donate their time and funds to build homes around the world.  In conjunction with Sugar Bird, Bob and Norah Hamilton have had the opportunity to build and rehabilitate safe, decent and affordable single-family and multi-unit houses for those who are less fortunate.

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The Shinah House Foundation:
The Shinah House Foundation is the only charitable organization that provides peer-based support for mental wellness by focusing on the 'whole person', respecting individual needs, beliefs and circumstances. They are recognized as the catalyst for a national movement to improve mental wellbeing for all people, they draw from lived experiences, combined with a range of natural and traditional practices to address the wellness needs of each individual. 

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Have Hammers and Hope House Orphanage

Norah and Bob both volunteered and have provided funding through Sugar Bird to Hope for the Nations for some of the construction phase of the second orphanage. The orphanage has now been operating for many years by Norah's brother Greg in Colima, Mexico, not far from their place in Manzanillo, Mexico.

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More recently, Sugar Bird started to fund the Hope House Orphanage for boys located just north of Ajijic in Ixtlahuacan do los Membrillos. They are working through the Ajijic and Drumheller Rotary Clubs and the Rotarian operated Have Hammers to facilitate funding to the Hope House Orphanage for refurbishing the previously oporated woodworking shop. Bob is a Red Seal Carpenter and Journeyman Cabinet Maker and will be training the teachers both in cabinetry and carpentry while he improves his Spanish in order to teach the boys himself. 

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Sagebrush Ecological Community (Past Project)

Sugar Bird is working in association with their sister corporation RA Hamilton Developments on their newest endeavor involving converting the old Rosedale Golf Course to an ecological community of small homes.

Bob and Norah Hamilton have big dreams of creating the ideal neighbourhood where they would like to retire themselves. One where both families and seniors intermix in a recreational cottage resort setting. A community where children, adults and seniors alike are active, interconnected, creative and involved. A place with breath-taking views of the surrounding valley, gardens, streams, walking paths, a large outdoor kitchen/bbq area, stocked fishing ponds, perhaps a chicken coop, beehives, a chip and putt green, pickle ball courts and a variety of eco-friendly activities that a person could partake of or ignore.  

Bob and Norah have pledged to donate a $1000 to Sugar Bird for each property sold at the Sagebrush location in addition to $500 per every property sold that they currently own.

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