Medical Tourism in a Small Business Incubator

MediTours (MT) is an online medical tourism facilitator that operates as the initial profit centre of an organization called The Way, a small business incubator/accelerator.

Medical tourism has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and the Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation (SB) is being sponsored by a new medical tourism operation. MediTours is an online medical tourism marketing platform employing emerging technologies to guide and care for Travellers seeking affordable and critical point health care. Structured as a Multi-Stake Cooperative*1, MT will donate 1% of their gross proceeds to SB and their International Partners. 

MediTours will offer a User-Friendly tool to aid Travellers in planning, booking, and organizing all aspects of their trip from flights and accommodations to restaurants and entertainment, along with the most appropriate services for their health concerns. Users will be able to drop preferred services into a Shopping Cart. From there, they can elect to organize their trip themselves or have the entire trip scheduled by MT contractors who, like all Providers and Practitioners are rated according to consumer feedback.

Initially offering services in Canada and the Guadalajara areas, the project is designed to expand globally to other Mexico locations; the US and then spread worldwide as new Members join. State-of-the-art technologies will be used in a variety of capacities while cultivating leadership, integrity, as well as employment as it works to promote sustainability at the grassroots level.

Small Business Accelerator 
The next generation of hyper-successful businesses will be global and driven by profit centre's that value social impact, resource utilization, and ecological considerations, alongside their monetary returns. These businesses will be assisted through a highly efficient ERP construct, coupled with self-employed business operators and entrepreneurs collaborating, contributing, and owning a piece of this organization. Member companies and mentors along with emerging, and startups will have opportunities to share in several income streams from contract employment, an ROI on sweat equity using a savings and investment formula, and a uni-level residual income stream, that all align to provide excellent opportunities for Businesses, Mentors and Angel Investors alike.

The Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon of the world derive their success from developing platforms where the entrepreneurs’ contribution has a direct impact on the perceived value for both the consumer and the provider. Platforms where self-employed individuals and companies operate from a success paradigm where not only are they provided employment but a variety of tools to enhance their businesses. Similarly, The Way will market, provide business discounts, educate and encourage collaboration, as it provides an approach for enterprises to operate the best they can be. 

Successful businesses of the future will operate from a win/win formula where Operators are valued by the organization as much as the consumer for their contributions. Collaboration, administration services, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution abilities are interwoven with integrity and sustainability. All of these are being nurtured by a Cooperative designed to scale as it procures an ever more cohesive business community. With the ability to coordinate resources, a small business accelerator is one of the most effective means for businesses to obtain their best ROI for their financial, intellectual, and physical efforts regardless of what level of investment they have in the organization. 

The Way is currently looking for Founding Members who will accrue equity within the project as they assist in any of several capacities to create a Small Business Accelerator. Intellectual resources are being amassed in the development of an online curriculum to be offered gratis to Startups and Entrepreneurs who are aspiring Members. Mentors and Administrators are required at this time to not only develop and attract resources for the organization, but assist in the preparation and protection required for by-laws, intellectual properties, and expansion.