About Us

About Us

Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation is a small private charity that focuses on four areas - Poverty, Mental Health, Ecology, and the Community of Drumheller.
The Foundation was formed in 2006 by Norah and Bob Hamilton to honour Norah's Mother who never thought twice about stepping in and assisting. She regularly invited people to stay in her home, and never shied away from giving a helping hand when needed. She encouraged her children and grandchildren to understand how they, unlike so many others of the world were fortunate enough to have been born in Canada with all the rights, privileges, blessings and opportunities.


Our Mission

The Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation’s ultimate goal is to influence individuals and organizations to live more consciously in the area of global wellness. They specifically support those organizations that promote mental, spiritual, physical and ecological sustainability.

As climate and social change threaten to devastate the landscapes of our lives, Sugar Bird aspires to operate a business incubator that promotes growth and collaboration within a globally conscious, ethical cooperative. It will assist many who are under-employed to create new business opportunities, hone their trade, access business consulting, accumulate savings and create a more conscious means of living in harmony upon our planet.

Guadalajara is a particularly viable area for initially developing a small business incubator due to the large amount of under-employment in the area. It is hoped that in future this incubator will diversify and provide assistance to many different kinds of ventures with the mandate always to encourage emotional, spiritual, physical and planetary wellbeing.

To this end Norah and Bob Hamilton along with their corporation will partner with Sugar Bird Charitable Foundation collecting volunteers to teach Vocational Trades and Business Development classes. Initially, Bob is going to focus on teaching the Teachers woodworking skills at the Hope House Orphanage just south of Guadalajara, while Norah develops an small business incubator to encourage entrepreneurship, starting with those interested in the hospitality industry and medical tourism.