Third world countries have been making positive strides towards reducing poverty however the number of people in extreme poverty remains unacceptably high. Although poverty was at an historic low the decline in global poverty has particularly begun to slow with war and natural disasters making life difficult for many.  Now is the time for action.

Sugar Bird frequently donates and volunteers locally and in third world countries, partnering with Hope for the Nations and Habitats for Humanity to build orphanages and buildings for the underprivileged. They are currently taking on a new project where the Sugar Bird will be assisting to equip and teach woodworking and home building at an orphanage just south of Guadalajara.
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Our Community

Located in Drumheller, Sugar Bird is continuously looking for ways to both assist and create community. Sugar Bird provides funding and volunteer hours to a variety of non-profit organizations operating in Drumheller, and across Alberta in addition to a number of international project. Norah and Bob regularly work with Habitats for Humanity and were some of the founding members of the Drumheller Chapter of Habitats for Humanity  which helps people in need access affordable housing.
Sugar Bird is currently working on a fundraising project that involves their sister corporation RA Hamilton Developments. For every property, RA sells in the next few years Norah and Bob will donate $500 to the Sugar Bird Foundation. As part of this effort, they hope to continue to educate the local residents on the advantages of developing an ecologically oriented Small Homes Development in Rosedale. 

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Mental Health

Just like physical illnesses, a lack of mental wellness can take many forms. Meanwhile stigmas associated with mental health inhibit both the acknowledgement and meaningful conversations about anything from substance abuse to the pursuit of natural and preventative treatments. We all have a responsibility in this area for ourselves and our loved ones. 

One of the biggest problems surrounding mental health is people are afraid to seek help due to fear of being judged or embarrassed which results in them not receiving help in a timely and appropriate manner. Fortunately, there're are many medical and alternative solutions to wellness.
Sugar Bird focuses on mental health by working to create stable environments for those at risk. This is done by donating and volunteering with organizations like the Shinah House Foundation who develop non-prescription based mental wellness programs.


It is well known how pressing the issues of climate change has become and how immediate actions need to be made to preserve our future in any semblance of its current beauty. However, the overarching message reaching the individual is often founded in shame for not doing enough. As Sugar Bird sees it, this message of guilt is ineffective in creating action. Perhaps we need to look at the problem from the view point of creating opportunity.  Through the Sugar Bird Foundation it is proposed that we work to develop a culture that is less consumptive, and instead aspire to keep up with the Jones’s in their efforts to live more consciously. By so doing, we encourage each other to find alternative and better ways to incorporate sustainable lifestyle choices.  In spreading a positive note in all that we do, we support mental wellness in addition to combating climate change. We would love to hear about the little habits you are changing in your life to make a difference.